Response To A ‘Bullying’ Article About Limiting Free Speech

03 Oct
Response To A ‘Bullying’ Article About Limiting Free Speech

No one can make anyone commit suicide. Ever. I have been viciously teased, bullied, and made fun of in my life due to my incredibly obvious disabilities (I’m wheelchair bound). Never because of that bullying have I ever wanted to commit suicide. Likewise, I’ve never thought the government should intervene on my behalf to defend from me said bullies.

Should someone who has been defined as a bully have their social media account be subject to suspension? Absolutely, if they violated language mentioned in the Terms of Service. Civil action? Maybe, if there is concrete evidence of libel/slander/defamation. Criminal charges? I think that is going a bit too far. At no point do I ever want to see a ‘Facebook Task Force’ formed at the law enforcement level to monitor citizen’s posts. If our feelings are hurt that easily we have no business engaging with society in general, let alone with the trolls of the Internet. Let us not forget that social networks were designed so we could increase exposure to ourselves. Participating in this arena opens us up to public scrutiny, regardless of how it may make us feel. We do this voluntarily, no one forces us.

Most of us, at some point in our lives has played the role of ‘bully.’ We do not all belong all belong behind bars, or even in court because of it. Life offers us those opportunities so that we can learn how to get along with one another, or at the very least demonstrates to us how not to act. Karma will eventually make its way around to the ‘bullies.’ People with kind, caring hearts will find their niche. What we never want is to get to the point that the government is micromanaging all (any?) of our personal affairs because at that will turn around and bite us all. Hard.

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