Mr. Obama, Build That Wall!

04 Oct
Mr. Obama, Build That Wall!

No, this is not an article about turning away sick, starving children trying to find warmth and comfort in the United States of America. You would have trouble trying to figure out my position on that particular issue, mainly because I do not have one. Way too many if’s, and’s, or but’s on that topic for me to answer. This piece is focused on Ebola. We appear to be begging for an outbreak here by not isolating ourselves, and there is no excuse for not doing so. The U.S. has not even attempted to stop travel from Ebola ridden countries despite there being 100,000+ American passport holders known to be living in those areas.

How irresponsible can our government be? This cannot be totally blamed on President Obama. His opponents have not been doing anything to push for the closure of our borders to these regions either. Why? What greater good is accomplished by risking the health of the nation? So some vacations or business meetings get canceled, and some airfare has to be reimbursed. That’s a small price to pay to stop a worldwide epidemic.

Worst case scenario. A dozen or so terrorists with passports intentionally try to contract the virus shortly before boarding a number of airliners. They in turn are able to potentially spread the killer illness to those on the flight. If not, they’ll be free to run around infecting people once they touch ground in a number of major international airports, and God only knows where they will travel after that.

Ebola spreads like wildfire and kills the vast majority of people that contract it. This strain seems to be particularly nasty. I do not profess to have the answers. I’m certainly not saying that people of one ideology have a better handle on it than another. What I am saying is tax payers spend a fortune paying elected officials to look out for our best interests, not Liberia’s. They need to work together and get this under a great deal more control before the brush fire in Dallas turns into a nationwide living hell.

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