Start Testing Voters?

09 Oct
Start Testing Voters?

Litmus testing potential voters. Very interesting (if not unconstitutional) idea. Like any idea that is at least half baked, it has its positives and negatives. I’ll expound on a few of the bigger ones.

An informed voter base is no doubt more effective than a base that votes on partisan or demographic prejudices. One would hope that we educate ourselves on each issue, but in truth many people vote straight down their party line. Or on the basis of race. Or possibly gender in the near future. If everyone were informed when casting their vote, presumably these biases would not exist, at least not to the level we see now, and the best person for the job would get elected.

The first problem I can divine with this idea is who will write the test? What level of education would a person need to attain to pass this test? Would it be a general public knowledge test on recent politics, or would it be ballot specific. What if someone was incredibly knowledgeable about a low level school board election, and had no intention of filling in any other bubbles. Can she vote? The ifs, ands, or buts just spiral out from there.

If American Government were required for high school graduation, I could get behind requiring a diploma to vote. Will never happen though as minorities are much less likely to graduate, and our government does everything it can to not discriminate. Fun idea to think about, but almost impossible to implement.

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