15 Oct

Has the decline in newspaper readership affected the broader ideological democratic landscape? That is a multipronged question. First we need to define just what a ‘newspaper’ even is anymore? Does that only include paper newspapers? I only subscribe to my local fish wrap for coupons and circulars. What about their online equivalents? Or dedicated online news outlets ran by ‘real’ journalists? Blogs? The news industry is experiencing a massive turn over and where we get our news from is changing daily.

I do not think it is the lack of news consumption causing the problem. The issue is the ‘news’ that people are choosing to ingest, and trust. Bias is no longer shunned in the industry, but I heavily promoted. Most people do not read or watch ‘news’ anymore, they watch current events get spun in to whatever it is they want to hear. Hate liberals?  Watch this channel or read this site. Hate conservatives, try these. Hate everyone? There is something for you as well.

I truly could not point anyone in the direction of an unbiased publication. That is the real problem and until some news groups form that can provide some beacon of truth, our political system will remain split down the middle. The division we’re facing as a nation is maddening and it must stop before we discover an issue that sparks Civil War II and no one ‘wins’ anymore.

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