Do You Have Goals? You Should

16 Oct
Do You Have Goals? You Should

(A brief essay for my intro to college class.)

My goal is to one day be a journalist that is paid to contribute to a well-known national publication. It could be in the realm of news or entertainment, but I want my work to be on a platform with enough exposure that what I have to say or write will reach as many people possible.

Ideally this would happen for me soon, but my realistic goal is 2022. At that point in time I should have a Bachelor’s Degree in communications, and will have paid my dues my dues by working with smaller publications and freelance writing. Eight years is a long time but this should allow me time to complete my education at a comfortable pace and allow for periods of down time due to my inconsistent health.

Measurements for success in the field I am pursuing are varied. I will consider having ‘made it’ when I have a readership in the hundreds of thousands, a high six figure yearly income, and having an agent will be a necessity versus a luxury. The opportunity to develop a fan base large enough that a book deal may be possible would be the highest peak I could dream of at this moment in time.

To be the person that the public trusts to deliver accurate information is an honor that is by no means lost on me. People only hear news and information now after it gets twisted and manipulated by the mega media machines. I want to either be the start, or at least a part of a group of people that provides information that gives people the tools needed to make informed decisions instead of telling them what to think.

As lofty as these goals may sound I believe that with proper training and relentless drive it is possible. To provide a wonderful life for myself and my family keeps that drive going. As long as we’re all breathing, that motivation will never subside.

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