Censorship of Islam

21 Oct
Censorship of Islam

When reading articles about progressive ideals one question always pops into my mind: Why is it only Christianity that gets attacked? In the past week this narrative has played out once again. This time it is the lesbian mayor of Houston, Texas violating a number of constitutional protections by using her mayoral bully pulpit to attack conservative ministers.

I live in Jacksonville, Florida. Obviously I am not on the ground in Houston nor am I omniscient about the finer details of this situation. My gut tells me these pastors opposed Mayor Annise Parker’s election and agenda, and it is payback time in her mind. Both parties pull these stunts all the time and that is a major reason for the divided nation we live in. It is not enough to fight for your cause, you have to fight against everyone else’s as well. We cannot be satisfied by just liking ourselves, we must hate everyone that thinks different.

On major thing I have noticed though is the ‘hate’ from ultra progressive homosexual supporters is not spread equally among the religions that are not gay friendly. It is quite likely that church leaders said bad things about Mayor Parker. Also it’s quite likely that being a female homosexual didn’t endear her to the traditional conservative Muslims in the Houston area either. It is complete conjecture on my part, but I doubt they sat in silent opposition. Yet no subpoenas arrived in Mosque mailboxes.

If the Left is going to fight so hard to achieve this secular humanist utopian society it seems to long for, it cannot cherry pick which religions to attack. Comparatively speaking the Christian church has bent over backward to accommodate homosexuals in their congregations, whereas being found to a be gay Muslim is a death sentence in many parts of the world.

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