Pass Florida Amendment 2

30 Oct
Pass Florida Amendment 2

My views on political topics run conservative. I am anti-abortion, pro-gun, small government, and I do not believe in pushing radical ideas too far, too fast, just for the sake of so-called progress. I would probably be one of the last people you would expect to be pushing pro marijuana legislation. Typically I am against drug use of any kind.

I have a chronic disease that leaves me wheelchair bound, or at times bedridden. The stiffness and pain in my joints has brought tears to my eyes on more than one occasion. Imagine what you feel like after sitting at a desk all day, and multiply it by 30 years, with no relief in sight. Add arthritis on top of that, and tendons that will no longer stretch. This is not a plea for pity, but it is an honest look into my life, and the lives of thousands of others.

One day was particularly bad. While watching a football game with a friend, he could clearly see I was in a great deal of discomfort. He had done chemotherapy himself so he had some idea what I was going through. He offered me pot, proclaiming it to be a miracle drug for him, and said I should give it a try. At this point in my life I had never broken any laws worse than an occasional J-walk. Had never even smoked a cigarette. But I was desperate. My pain was over-riding any crisis of conscience I was experiencing. The relief was immediate. The pressure that had been debilitating now felt completely released. My pain was replaced with a gentle tingling sensation and I was comfortableI didn’t have to sit there and puff away until I was in some stoned stupor. I stopped when the pain stopped, and enjoyed watching the rest of the game.

There was no hangover later. No screaming voice inside my head telling me to go rob Grandma so I could get a fix. No bricks in my stomach like the doctor prescribed legal pain medication produces. No nausea, no headaches. Only side effects were a few gentle coughs. Compare that to the highly addictive opioids being handed out like candy by doctors. Those pills are killing people, destroying families, ruining lives, and making pharmaceutical companies billions.

Marijuana does much more than pain relief. It has been proven, scientifically, to relieve symptoms of a multitude of diseases. It calms anxiety, cheers depression, brings sight without pain to glaucoma patients, steadies tremors, gives appetite and quality of life to cancer victims. Sleep to insomniacs. Attention to those with ADHD. The list goes on forever. If you stay away from big pharma when doing your own research, you’ll be amazed at how successful marijuana therapy can be.

Will this amendment be abused by people with no medical need? Absolutely. Just understand that if the criminal element wants pot, they’ll get it. The war on drugs is a disaster, and honestly having a bag of pot delivered to your door is as easy as ordering a pizza. The only people not buying now are good God-fearing folks who could really benefit but are terrified of the legal consequences. 

If you have heard one too many horror stories about pot and you’re not comfortable supporting amendment 2, do those of us that need this bill to pass a huge favor, and just leave it blank. Do anything but fill in ‘No.’ Then your conscience should be clear. Even if you’re not helping our cause, you won’t be doing it any harm. If you can bury all of your preconceived notions, and you are willing to give those of us with chronic conditions a chance at comfort, we all would appreciate you filling in the ‘Yes’ bubble. We need your help.

Thank you.

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