Identify Yourself

02 Nov
Identify Yourself

Why is voter identification even an issue? No doubt I skew conservative on most topics but this is an issue that falls under the category of common sense, not partisanship. Americans must present valid state identification for any number of things, ranging from critical necessities to purely recreational. Why should voting be any different?

If you want to buy a beer, pull out your ID. Registering for college? Going to need your ID. Get stopped by a police officer for anything? You may go to jail if you do not have an ID. Just through the course of my life I (a white male) probably have to produce mine around five or six times weekly.

State identification cards are not prohibitively expensive. My income is significantly below the poverty level, yet I have never had trouble budgeting the few cents a week it takes to keep my card current and valid. The expiration date is clearly printed on the card, years in advance, so keeping it current is a reasonable expectation.

Reasons to avoid the identification process include being an illegal undocumented alien, you have a warrant out for your arrest, or you are dodging significant fines that you are responsible for paying. These are called ‘personal problems’ and the security and integrity of our election system should not be compromised due to the inability of some people to get their affairs in order.

At the precinct I can only think of one reason to take issue with having to provide an ID, and that is to commit fraud. You are either not eligible to vote, stuffing ballot boxes, or trying to represent someone you are not. For a party to defend those actions is reprehensible. Any party.

Our nation is a melting pot. This country was founded by immigrants. The idea of the ‘American dream’ should remain open to everyone who wants to live it. People simply have to follow the system. Obtaining and maintaining that identification is part of that system, and everyone is subject to it regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, wealth, etc. It is not discrimination if everyone has to do it.

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