This Is What Feminism Looks Like

03 Nov
This Is What Feminism Looks Like

When one thinks of feminism, you would think of an ideal who’s definitive goals were to make sure all women are treated equally under the law, paid equally, not thought of as purely sexual objects, and not subjected to sexism in general. In its simplest terms, feminists wanted the exact equal standing as men. That seems like a common sense explanation to me, and I doubt many people would argue with the definition given or the ideals of the given definition.

Someone should inform The Fawcett Society, a prominent feminist organization. To promote their trendy ‘This Is What Feminism Looks Like’ campaign, they partnered with another feminist leaning company, Whistles. According to a Fawcett press release ‘Whistles (is) headed up by known feminist and proponent of ethical manufacturing Jane Shepherdson.’

As it would turn out, their idea of ‘ethical manufacturing’ includes having their $70 a piece propaganda t-shirts (no poor feminists out there?) produced by a primarily female staffed sweat shop in Mauritius. The women in this factory slaved away for 500 hours a month to produce trendy wears for the liberal feminist elite, only to take home $200 a month.

What was the reaction of the Fawcett Society when they learned what might be going on? Basically nothing. They decided to continue peddling their goods, raking in obviously enormous profits, and never bothering to come forward until they were exposed as the hypocrites they are. Just like any corrupt lobbying organization, Fawcett was looking after its own best interests, not the people they claim to represent.

My take? Equality for all is an ideal worth fighting for, and exploiting women is a disgusting practice that has to stop. From all the research I’ve done, and the discussions I’ve had, Third Wave Feminism works against those ideas, and runs the risk of canceling out all of the gains made by women over the past 50 years.


As you see, exploitation of little girls is fine so long as the Third Wave is behind the camera.

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One response to “This Is What Feminism Looks Like

  1. Michael W. Stone

    November 4, 2014 at 3:25 pm

    I really don’t see how that offensive video helps their argument.



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