Where Does Florida Medical Marijuana / Amendment 2 Go Now?

05 Nov
Where Does Florida Medical Marijuana / Amendment 2 Go Now?

Florida’s ballot initiative to legalize medical marijuana, known as Amendment 2, has failed. A mighty battle was fought, but victory was snatched from supporters at the last possible moment. Like many of you, I sat around all night absent-mindedly watching the remaining results file in from across the nation, wondering what could I have done to change things? Should I have started campaigning earlier? Put in more hours? Gave more money? The answer is there really isn’t much else that could have been done. We simply were not prepared for Sheldon Adelson to flood our state with dirty money and misinformation.

Hear this though, we still have the same needs for natural medicine that we had yesterday. Giving up is simply not an option. I haven’t managed to live decades longer than I was supposed to because I was born full of ‘quit.’ I am a fighter. You are all fighters. We are not simply going to lay down and die because some crooked loan-shark tripped us up just short of the finish line. We are going to fight this, starting right now, and not stop until we have won this war.

Start stocking up on pens, paper, envelopes and stamps. Email campaigns are quick, effortless, and free. But how many times have we done that, only to receive a pre-written canned response? Giant sacks of mail flooding the halls of the state capital are much harder to ignore, and I feel that this is the way we should proceed. Our voice was not quite loud enough, so let use the written word to push this over the top, and get our representatives to represent us.

I will find a widget or script of some sort that will give everyone the name, number, email address, and most importantly mailing address of every member of the Florida legislature. If I cannot find something automated, I’ll gladly type it all out by hand. Let’s tell them our stories, explain our pain, and let them all know (politely but firmly) that if they have no compassion for our circumstances, we will replace them with people who do.

Keep an eye out here, I’ll continue to update you on this issue as news breaks. Don’t give up!

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