Florida Medical Marijuana – Let The Florida Legislature Know How You Feel

06 Nov
Florida Medical Marijuana – Let The Florida Legislature Know How You Feel

Find Your Representatives

58% of Floridians supported Amendment 2 legalize medical marijuana for people who were in need. That is a huge margin of victory, even if it was not quite large enough to pass the required 60% of votes needed to amend the state Constitution. Fret not though, for your votes were not cast in vain. You put forth a mandate letting state lawmakers know that you want access to legal medical marijuana and you’re absolutely willing to go to the polls to prove it.

The top line of this article is a link. It will open a new tab or browser window and ask for your home address. You will then be able to see who exactly is representing you in Tallahassee, and Washington D.C. For the purpose of this letter campaign concentrate on who is listed under ‘State House’ and ‘State Senate.’ This handy little website gives you the address of both their local office, and their office in the Capital.

Write them. Early. Often. Be polite. Treat them with respect. The were not the ones who blocked Amendment 2 on November 4th. For all we know they may have supported the movement. The letters are being to reinforce the idea that we’re not going away, we won’t be ignored, and they’re going to have to eventually bring this to the floor and pass it. They might as well do it sooner than later.

What should you write? I plan on sending each of my representatives three letters a week, all three around one page in length. Number one will be my personal story, and how the passage of a bill would benefit me. Number two will detail some of the real science and statistics behind marijuana therapy, not the garbage that Sheldon Adelson was peddling to an uninformed electorate. Lastly I’ll give them the stories of people that I have lost who benefited from therapy, but did so at great risk. Each letter will be concluded with not a threat, but a statement, saying if they are unwilling to help advance this cause, I along with rest of the 58% will find a candidate that will.

Your statements may include something different. Other topics you might wish to include:

How Charlotte’s Web was a good start, but falls woefully short of meeting the needs of the majority.

How ridiculous it is that opioids are legal and far more dangerous.

That prohibition of marijuana works exactly like far-reaching gun control, you’re only hurting people who obey the law, the bad guys get what they want regardless.

The important part is to make your statement is rational, reasonable, and personable. We need them to make this happen, or we’ll be stuck climbing this same steep hill in 2016.

Start writing!

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