Ebola Media Silence

09 Nov
Ebola Media Silence

Freedom of the press is one of the most essential freedoms we have as Americans. A free press is a safeguard for the people so can keep our government in check, and hold them accountable. Throughout history, even today, one of the first things an oppressive government will do is take over the media infrastructure. Information is that powerful.

This week it slipped that the Associated Press had ‘agreed’ to stop reporting on suspected cases of Ebola. At the same time, the CDC has repeatedly shipped a quarter of a million hazardous material suits to the Dallas, Texas area, the apparent ‘ground zero’ for Ebola in America. Coincidence? I hope so, but I sincerely doubt it.

The midterm elections were a nice distraction from the ‘all Ebola, all the time’ hysteria-inducing reports we were receiving a couple of weeks back. We need a middle ground though. Responsible reporting that does not cave to any administrations ‘suggestions,’ so that we the people can make informed decisions on how to live our lives. If a possible Ebola outbreak is happening in my area, I would like to know.

Last week we as voters basically the federal government upside down and gave President Obama a major ‘no confidence’ vote. We still have to be diligent in making sure our voices are heard, and that we want our borders closed until this outbreak is under control. This is not fear mongering, it is exercising the only reasonable approach. Every person stepping off of those planes could be a ticking time bomb. For our leaders to not eliminate that risk when a solution is so easily within our grasp is unconscionable. The time to hold the federal representatives’ feet to the fire is now while the worst case scenarios can be prevented, not after the major disaster has already happened.

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