By Example

27 May
By Example

9 murders, 28 others attempted in Baltimore on a day of mourning for those that died honorable deaths. This has to stop people, you’re turning the world upside down. It can be fixed in a generation.

If you make a kid together, raise it together.
Don’t allow ultra violent stimulation into your home.
Promote education and lead by example.
Promote charitable labor, lead by example.
Promote earning a living and not taking handouts, and lead by example.
Promote respecting everyone, and lead by example.

If we all do these things we’ll be in a better place. Don’t have unprotected sex with someone you are not ready to raise a kid with. Let’s go back a few decades when first dates ended with (at best) a kiss good night, versus a sleep over. Also ladies, waiting for marriage is a moral protection for you, so you can know your guy is the real deal and not just looking for sex. The sexual revolution hurt more women than it helped, as guys have as much restraint when it comes to sex as a fox in a hen house. Sad but true. Though should you find the real deal that loves you for being you while being ignorant of your bedroom skills, you have found a keeper.

Stop allowing non-cartoon/superhero violence and ideas to reach the eyes and ears of your kids, and do yourself a favor by cutting it out of your own lives. If our kids aren’t watching and listening to glorified commercials about slinging drugs, pimping, and selling themselves on the streets it won’t be seen as an option. Same with gang violence. Rule your house with a firm but loving hand and eliminate these toxic influences.

If kids start doing part time work and saving before graduating high school, community college at the very least will be an option even for struggling students. Exceptional effort can make up for nearly any short comings. Working at an early age promotes time management skills, fiscal responsibility, and most often team work. All skills that if ingrained early enough in life will help them survive until they are called Home.

Working hand to hand beside your fellow man in an effort to ease the lives of some of the most unfortunate in society is the quickest and most effective way to ease racial tension in anyone’s heart. Racism and phobias exist on many sides. Yet it’s hard to hold hatred for someone that has your back while you’re working toward a common unifying goal. If your kids are too young to work, have them out there passing out water and getting exposure to different types of people they may not see every day.

Work hard, go above and beyond in everything you do. Regardless of the job, dress as professionally as possible within dress code. Speak as properly and with as much respect as you can, regardless if you’re part time minimum wage, or full-time six figures with great benefits. There’s always room to improve your position, so present yourself like you’re already prepared to make the step up. If you only do the minimum, you should expect the bare minimum.

Respect every person you come across. Even on the sidewalk; if you make eye contact, smile, nod, or wish them a good day. It will be frustrating as it will rarely be returned. Remember, you’re not doing it just for them. You’re doing it equally as much for yourself. Don’t allow your heart to be hardened because we’re living through a rough period. Stay warm in your soul, spread it as best you possibly can, Teach these ways to your kids, in earnest, and you can help change things for the better.

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