Stars and Bars

25 Jun
Stars and Bars

It has never bothered me seeing it fly by government buildings. I have studied it’s origins. I know people who fly it, for both factual reasons, and also for the later adopted racist reasons. I really don’t think it means what blacks/the Left/White Supremacists demonize it as, but I get their point about it being a symbol of a time best forgotten. I understand why the Confederate flag draws negative reactions. I see no reason for it to be displayed on public property.

Still, everyone should be allowed to fly whatever they like in their yard as long as the US flag isn’t below it. Private property flag flying serves a purpose. It is a wonderful indicator of character of the person/people who live on said property. It’s best for everyone to know exactly where they’re treading. Are you flying an ISIS flag? If so, I probably won’t be knocking on your door to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Unless I’m packing heat and looking for trouble.

I bought a Confederate flag today, mostly on principle. Personally, mine will sit nicely folded with the flags of some passed veterans safely inside my home. Also I wanted to call ‘BS!’ on eBay for saying they would no longer sell the ‘Stars and Bars.’ I just don’t believe in limiting the right to freedom of speech, and the mad rush to ban something like a flag is encroaching on that freedom. Funny thing is, as soon as someone or a group of politicians try to use oppressive action in America, the people push back. First it was tea. Recently it has been stockpiling guns and ammunition. Today, according to the eBay store I bought from, folks are now stockpiling a flag. Many of the thousands of ‘Rebel’ flags being bought today will be flying as soon as China ships them out. Mine will not ever see sunshine again. In reality, probably 10,000 Confederate flags will go up into the air soon for every one that the government pulls down. Simple rebellion with no true cause. More black folks will feel the sting of discrimination, and more white folks that actually knew their roots will feel like they’re being erased from America’s cultural history. Neither side has won this battle and I just pray it didn’t start a war.

-Jeremy Hobbs


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3 responses to “Stars and Bars

  1. Doug's BoomerRants

    June 28, 2015 at 12:09 am

    I find something a little contrasting with all this. Nine human beings are killed in a church while attending a Bible study class and the big hoopla is all about the Confederate flag flying over government grounds, or images of it on government issued license plates and state flags. I certainly understand those that oppose that for the symbolism it represents. But had it not been flying there or its imagery been used anywhere else would it have prevented those people’s deaths?

    I pointed out in another post elsewhere that unfortunately these tragic events, like Columbine, or Sandy Hook where 20 kids were killed just because some nutcase wanted to make a name for himself… nothing resulted from it all. There were cries for gun control, governmental intervention to improve detection and treatment of mental illness, security cameras covering every inch of school property along with human security guards, arming teachers… very little came of it all. I suppose if all that results from the death of these nine folks is rescinding the law to fly the Confederate flag over Southern government buildings and removing flag imagery from license plates and state flags… there is some victory in that I suppose. But where was all the outcry a week before those murders.. a month before… years before?
    Yet that flag had nothing to do with those deaths, as the President said. It was a mentally ill brainwashed kid with a legally purchased weapon… in a house of worship.

    It rather gives pause to the Almighty’s grand plan for each of us… and the price of His mysterious ways… and the tools He uses to carry out his Plan… and the continued devotion He wants for each of us. I’m not devoutly religious but these deaths, how it happened, and where they occurred, is way too thick with religious irony to ignore. But to say that their deaths was worth removing a symbol of slavery just so everyone feels better at the end of the day.. seems a bit empty to me.

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    • Mom Sees All

      June 29, 2015 at 4:03 pm

      Doug, I’m getting tired of posting behind you. Guess I need to get up earlier. Confederate flags are history. They’re as offensive to me as someone burning the flag we fly today. But freedom is harsh. I can’t stop the burning of the Stars and Stripes, wouldn’t even if I could. My son and my spouse did time in foreign countries in order for people to have that right. So, burn it, fly it, put it in a drawer. There are people who will create division among us. And we’ll let them.

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  2. hebgb

    September 14, 2015 at 3:45 am

    I also hope that cooler heads prevail here. The media under-reported this side of the debate; perhaps civil war would sell some papers. Flags are such a touchy subject that I wonder whether nationalism is the greater culprit. If we all got together, we could kick the real trouble-makers out (read: globalist media.)

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