Blue Angels

01 Sep
Blue Angels

It has really been a rough couple of weeks for the brave men and women that patrol our neighborhoods. Execution style murders are happening almost daily, and they are the targets. For the foreseeable future it would appear that no police officer in uniform is safe. They cannot let their guard down, even while performing mundane tasks like refueling their patrol cars. They must never lose their focus.

Just for a moment, imagine the fear of the unknown. You have just done your job, and pulled over a car with expired plates. How terrified are you to walk up to that car and tap on the window? Will this person accept their ticket and go? Will they be angry, looking for a fight? Is a gun pointed at you, just outside of view from your position? My prayers go out to each and every one of the thousands that lived through this this today and will try to do so again tomorrow.

Prayers also for those that did not live through that, or a similar scenario. Blue Angels. As I sit here and read about these new widows, these recently fatherless children, it makes me feel ill. As a child I lost a parent via natural causes. That was tough to handle even though I had time beforehand to prepare and ‘get used’ to the idea. These officer’s families did not get that. They had knocks on their doors, and there stood a chaplain and his or her escorts where their Daddy should have been. Where their husband should have been. I cannot imagine the horrific shock.

What is going through activists’ minds while this is unfolding? I am certain most of the #BlackLivesMatter participants are peaceful individuals looking for positive change in their communities. Still, do you feel even a little bit guilty? Just a little tinge of responsibility when this news breaks? Are you ashamed of the people holding your signs and banners chanting for even more dead cops? Horrified that you’ve lent your time, your name, to a hate group? Are you proud? ‘Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon.’

For the sake of argument I’ll go ahead and say that #BlackLivesMatter started with the best, most noble goals. A few bad apples have ruined the whole bunch though, and the entire movement is another dead cop or two away from being labeled a terrorist organization, and rightfully so. I call on everyone, from the milkiest white person to the darkest black person, and every color in between to publicly condemn these murders. Publicly come out against the corrupting influence of the hate group #BlackLivesMatter.

-Jeremy Hobbs

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