Aleppo and the United Nations

16 Dec
Aleppo and the United Nations

A mass murder is taking place in Syria as of this writing. The Syrian Army has taken control of Aleppo from rebels, and they are killing anything that moves as they do door to door sweeps. The final death tally, if one is even formulated, will be staggering. As many as 100,000 will violently lose their lives if they are unable to escape the raids, chemical weapons, and falling bombs.

Disasters like this happen when ‘red lines’ are drawn, but there is no follow through when they are crossed. This is what happens when you rely on diplomacy when your foe is barbaric and only gives consideration to shows of force. This crisis is not solely the fault of President Obama and government, but they carry enough blame that they should forever have restless nights.

The United Nations should be disbanded following this. The organization is clearly impotent when it comes to matters where their intervention might well do some good. What purpose do they serve? All of the ‘good will’ they have brought from ambassadors means very little when standing at the edge of a mass grave. Their lack of meaningful action at the time it was most needed is criminal.

-Jeremy Hobbs

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