Berkeley Riots Against Free Speech

02 Feb
Berkeley Riots Against Free Speech

The First Amendment is quite literally under fire from Leftist Americans. This nation, as far back as I can remember, and also during the times that I have studied, has allowed almost unfettered freedom of speech. The Ku Klux Klan has been allowed to demonstrate. The original quasi-militant Black Panthers could speak and be heard. This country has witnessed alliances be formed between hard-core pornographers and the most conservative evangelical ministers because they realized one very important thing; if you close off freedom to one ideal you risk closing off freedom to every ideal.

Several hours today were spent by me pouring over the events at UC Berkeley last night. Apparently, this riot had its genesis in a peaceful protest. That is perfectly fine and well within the rights of those who gathered. Reports then indicate a group of 150-200 individuals came on campus and started the violent uprising. I do not doubt this and had the students retreated at that point, I would have no qualms with them over this incident.

They did not. Hundreds hung around for hours, either directly participating in the carnage, or egging on the violence. In my view that makes them complicit in this lawlessness. Good, honest, respectable people do not stand around cheering the actions of violent demonstrators. At the very least you will be considered guilty by association. These students participated, willfully, in an uprising that deprived others in the student body of their right to hear a presenter speak. The entire event was student financed or financed on behalf of the student body. Quite frankly, they were robbed.

This type of ‘activism’ is becoming far too common on college campuses across the country, and it’s a problem that reaches from the student body to university presidents. Higher still, the local governments of college towns. The mayor that resides over the Berkeley area reportedly ordered officers, who were on the scene and prepared with riot gear, to stand down. The college administration, in an increasingly common tactic, tried to preemptively stop the event by changing heavy security fees at the last moment. Why? Because they’re left leaning ideologues and they do not feel that conservatism has any place in academia.

Your local institution of higher learning is probably no longer home to free-thinkers trying to absorb knowledge and test different arguments until they’re able, of their volition, to leave with a degree and a personalized philosophy on life. I know, I’ve been there and saw it first hand. The majority of these schools are liberal indoctrination centers and unless you go searching for it in clubs or student organizations (like this one that fell victim to a riot), you’ll never be exposed to conservative ideas in a fair light.

In closing, by trying to shut out the Right, the Left is going to end up causing the very thing they say they’re fighting against – fascism. When the young Republicans of Berkeley were given the option to find a speaker, they didn’t go find a middle of the road centrist with ideas that could work on a bipartisan level. No, they did what most oppressed groups do, and flocked to someone that is at the complete opposite end of the ideological spectrum as their oppressors. In this case, it was the extremely provocative, always controversial Milo Yiannopoulos. A ‘prohibition’ of the Right is being met with a harsher, more potent ‘moonshine’ Right that will quickly gain popularity, even if people have to keep quiet about it.  Nothing good ever happens when civil discourse dissolves.

– Jeremy Hobbs



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