The Consequences of Leftist Bullying

04 Feb
The Consequences of Leftist Bullying

Typically, I do not post much personal material on here. I try to limit my writings to commentary on the events of our day. Last night, though, I had a brief but disturbing conversation. It very much reaffirmed a lot of the thoughts from my previous article, Berkeley Riots Against Free Speech.

In an effort to spread my article on contacting Senators, Weak Democratic Senat Seats In 2018 – How You Can Influence Them, I did what most small-time bloggers do and politely pestered a few of my known Right-leaning friends to share my masterpiece on their social media outlets. I’m never offended if anyone declines, and most of them simply ignore me, but I received one response that really chilled me to my core and elevated my concern for the future of our society.

She (that’s all the information you’re getting as she asked to remain anonymous) replied to my request by saying, “Yeah, it’s a little too political for my comfort level. If you had asked me a year and a half ago, I would have been all for it – it’s just that I honestly am afraid to say [or] do the wrong thing on social media because of how leftists will react. They’ve scared me into silence. I’m sorry.”

Taken aback by what she had just said, I felt the need to apologize to her on behalf of society. I added that it was personally “not a problem,” and that I was, “sorry they got to you.”

“I appreciate it,” she said. “I’m sorry they did, too. I have never seen so much hate just because of one president. I’m just glad Trump got into office. It doesn’t matter if I’m silent in everyday life. Trump’s going to do what he does, no matter what. That’s comforting to me.” After asking if I could quote this conversation, she replied, “Yeah, sure, I don’t mind at all, if the quote doesn’t come back to me. Again, just scared here.”

Congratulations, Left! You have used your abusive scare tactics, your relentless campaign of name calling and bullying, your ridiculous notions of identity politics, to frighten an exceptionally bright young mind into silence. That is what you wanted, correct? Is that not the point of these physically peaceful but emotionally hostile protests? Is that not the point of the violent displays to shut down opposing views? You’re eliciting the exact response you desire: terror.

I learned a few things from this exchange. Outwardly, your demonization of all things Right is having an effect. You are achieving success in shutting down people that cannot deal with the constant aggression and confrontation that comes with being vocal about their conservative political beliefs. The tactic of falsely labeling every Republican as a racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamaphobic, xenophobic, fascist Nazi is working.

Something else I learned from my friend? While the Left is winning the rhetorical battles in many cases (they own the media, how can they lose?) they are losing the war. My friend’s ideas did not change with her being silenced. Those thoughts, her beliefs, were galvanized. People do not have to utter a word in a voting booth, and there is where she silently spoke the loudest way she could, by filling in the bubble next to Donald J. Trump’s name.

Mask wearing, rock throwing, fire starting anarchists at Berkeley didn’t keep Milo Yiannopoulos from getting his message to the masses. At the same time they were rioting, he called into one of the highest rated shows on television from the comfort of his hotel room and had an international audience of millions instead of just preaching to his choir of a couple hundred people on campus. Pre-sales of his book skyrocketed upwards of 12,000%. The extreme Left, through violence and intimidation, made a sympathetic martyr out of a member of the extreme Right that they so deeply loathe.

Through my communications, including the tidbit of conversation that I have shared with you, it’s very clear to me that many people support what Trump is doing with his Presidency. They are not vocal about it, just as many were not vocal about it during his campaign, but we saw how that worked out. The ‘silent majority’ exists and it wields power. If this violence and obscene rhetoric continue with no pushback from mainstream Democrats, the masked rioters will become the face of the party. Should that happen the extreme Right will expand its platform. Trump will have eight years in the White House, six of them with super-majorities in Congress. The government works best with two vibrant, functional, center-leaning parties – we all need to try to get it back to that state. Chaos and fear cannot become America’s defining characteristics.

– Jeremy Hobbs

Edit: I’m going to post some links highlighting this terrible issue as I come across them.

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Police Investigate After Fullerton Lecturer Allegedly Assaults College Republican

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