What Are Alternative Facts?

06 Feb
What Are Alternative Facts?

Let’s talk a little bit about alternative facts. I believe this ‘issue’ has intentionally been misinterpreted and blown way out of proportion by the Left-wingers in the mainstream media. You might reasonably assume that if two different people stated differing arguments about a singular issue, and both of them claimed factual evidence to back their claims, one of the two would have to be offering a mistruth. Someone has to be lying. Not necessarily.

Let’s look at nationwide employment as a simple example of this idea. The Democrats could rightfully argue that the unemployment rate has fallen over the course of the Obama regime. The numbers back that up, there is no argument. What if I were to offer you an alternative fact, though? A number that is no less factual. My alternative fact would be that the workforce participation rate is lower than it has been in several decades, thus effectively canceling out the claims made in the first fact. I could get into the nuts and bolts of the different numbers, what they mean and how they are tallied, but it’s boring to write about and you know how to use the Google machine just as well as I do.

We could play a similar game with global warming. One could argue that ice has been receding from one pole, thus proving that the world is heating up at an unprecedented rate and you need to immediately trade in your Tahoe for a Tesla. The alternative fact would be that ice is accumulating so fast at the opposite pole that the scientists’ ships that were sent to study it found so much of it that wasn’t supposed to be there that not only did they get stuck in it, the tug sent to pull them to safety got stranded as well. One could logically conclude that it isn’t warming up very much at that location, it may even be getting colder!

How about some alternative facts that had no factual basis whatsoever. Remember that time Obama visited all 57 states? I do. Or that video that caused the terrorist incident in Benghazi? How about ‘if you like your plan, you can keep your plan?’ There were also the series of ‘red lines’ in Syria, and the time he didn’t fly a jet full of cash to Iran as an illegal ransom payment. Don’t get sanctimonious over a slip of the tongue when the previous president wouldn’t recognize the truth if it slapped him in the face. I’d much rather hear Conway’s alternative facts than Obama’s boldface lies.

Lastly, let’s just be real. Kellyanne Conway has been working like a woman possessed for the past year. She is probably exhausted and just plain misspoke. She’s a human being. A phenomenal human being, who rose from relative obscurity to become the first female campaign manager to assist in winning the U.S. Presidency, only to be showered with criticism from the supposedly pro-woman party. Neither you nor I would do any better with a microphone and camera in our face all day, on live television, with no script or teleprompter. Imagine being in her position: one of the most successful women in the country, willingly entering hostile environments where the biased liberal media is praying to the God they don’t even believe in that you’ll trip over your words and give them just a shred of something with which to exploit you. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it? I certainly won’t be lobbing any stones her direction anytime soon.

– Jeremy Hobbs

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