Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!

08 Feb
Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!

In an era where groups of young Republicans are falling victim to violent leftist extremists, would you believe that the University of Central Florida is allowing a group of liberal students to congregate to learn fighting skills? The only requirement for admission to this event? You must not be a Republican. Kind of makes it seem like conservatives may be the ultimateĀ target of this exercise, doesn’t it?

On the heels of the riots at Berkeley, the group calling themselves the ‘Knights Of Socialism’ will be congregating on campus to learn hand-to-hand combat techniques from a “local amateur boxer.” This is all being done under the guise of teaching self-defense skills to vulnerable “Latinxs, Immigrants, Muslims, Women, the LGBTQIA+ community, Jews, African Americans and other minorities,” so long as no one from any of those minority groups happens to lean Right in their political worldview.If this isn’t a case Leftist Bullying, I don’t know what is.

The Knights Of Socialism claim this combat training is necessary due to a “record number of hate crimes” since Trump took office. This blogger isn’t buying it. Not for one second. The only hate crimes that have flashed across my many screens have been from Soros-funded anarchists reeking havoc wherever conservatives might be gathered without adequate security. Most other reports serious enough to hit the news have been proven to be self-inflicted, falsely reported hoaxes from those desperate for attention.

As stated in a previous article, campus culture has completely gone off the rails. Now they’re sanctioning these “clinics” to train up minions to “Bash The Fash.” It’s one thing to have the violent groups invade your campus during an otherwise peaceful protest and demonstration, it’s something completely different to foster this violent behavior within your walls. This is condoning violence against a political minority on your campus. I’m sure many Republicans pay enormous amounts of money to attend Central Florida and they deserve to feel safe there. I wouldn’t feel very safe knowing a group of my fellow students were channeling their inner Tyler Durden so they could take me out if they felt threatened by my ‘Make America Great Again’ cap.

They close their event invitation with this dire warning, “*Ladies: The Commander in thief is a sexual predator and rapist. He has [normalized] sexual assault and it is expected that sexual violence against women is going to skyrocket in the next 12 months. Please join us!” If you’re interested in attending, gloves and pads will be provided.

I have a degree to finish, but I’m not sure you could pay me enough to go back on campus in this environment. Hopefully, Mrs. Devos can find a way to incentivize college administrations to stamp out this kind of thing. They’re certainly not going to do it themselves until someone ends up seriously injured, and they’re held liable.

– Jeremy Hobbs

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