Draining The Swamp

09 Feb
Draining The Swamp

Corrine Brown, former 12 term Representative of a racially drawn, meandering northeastern Florida district has been in hot water over the last year due to charges of corruption, and the temperature just got turned all the way up to 11. Brown lost her seat in the U.S. House this past November following her indictment on 22 instances of fraud and other crimes against the government and the people she represented. Her alleged crimes include ‘pay to play’ schemes and setting up faux charities that she would use for extravagance vacations and other luxurious expenses. You know, a lot like Hillary Clinton was accused of doing, except Brown got caught.

Yesterday, her Chief of Staff turned snitch, Ronnie Simmons, plead guilty to 2 out of 18 charges he himself was facing. Waiving his 5th amendment rights, he has offered to tell the court all about Democrat Representative Brown and their misdealings with one another, including how they defrauded donors to Brown’s inner-city education ‘charity,’ ‘One Door For Education,’ that received upwards of $800,000, yet Simmons claims they only gave out $1,200 in scholarships. For Brown, it appears that ‘One Door’ may be of the slamming, locking, barred variety. Simmons will likely be serving a shorter sentence than the 30 years he was eligible for, not to mention the half-million dollar fine.

Simmons attorney,  Anthony Suarez, said that  this case is just “how politics work, and the reason you give donations is to have access.” Should a swamp ever have needed draining, it was the one flooding Corrine Brown’s office. Luckily for taxpayers and her innocent, well-intentioned donors, someone pulled the plug.

The disgraced former congresswoman is still steadfastly proclaiming her innocence and has entered pleas of ‘not guilty.’ Due to her advanced age, even with reduced sentencing, she could be looking at spending the rest of her life in prison should she be convicted of any charges, let alone all 22. Brown will be appearing in court later today and I will update this page with any breaking news.

Edit: The only major news out of Corrine Brown’s hearing today was that she will not be granted a requested extension, and her trial will begin in April.

– Jeremy Hobbs


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