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D’oh! To You Mitch McConnell

D’oh! To You Mitch McConnell

There is no doubt that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was well within his rights to silence Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren during the heated debate over the confirmation President Donald Trump’s appointee for Attorney General, Senator Jeff Sessions. She broke the rules of decorum, she was warned, and she chose to ignore said Senate rules. Mitch seized the opportunity and put her on mute.

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Stars and Bars

Stars and Bars

It has never bothered me seeing it fly by government buildings. I have studied it’s origins. I know people who fly it, for both factual reasons, and also for the later adopted racist reasons. I really don’t think it means what blacks/the Left/White Supremacists demonize it as, but I get their point about it being a symbol of a time best forgotten. I understand why the Confederate flag draws negative reactions. I see no reason for it to be displayed on public property.

Still, everyone should be allowed to fly whatever they like in their yard as long as the US flag isn’t below it. Private property flag flying serves a purpose. It is a wonderful indicator of character of the person/people who live on said property. It’s best for everyone to know exactly where they’re treading. Are you flying an ISIS flag? If so, I probably won’t be knocking on your door to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Unless I’m packing heat and looking for trouble.

I bought a Confederate flag today, mostly on principle. Personally, mine will sit nicely folded with the flags of some passed veterans safely inside my home. Also I wanted to call ‘BS!’ on eBay for saying they would no longer sell the ‘Stars and Bars.’ I just don’t believe in limiting the right to freedom of speech, and the mad rush to ban something like a flag is encroaching on that freedom. Funny thing is, as soon as someone or a group of politicians try to use oppressive action in America, the people push back. First it was tea. Recently it has been stockpiling guns and ammunition. Today, according to the eBay store I bought from, folks are now stockpiling a flag. Many of the thousands of ‘Rebel’ flags being bought today will be flying as soon as China ships them out. Mine will not ever see sunshine again. In reality, probably 10,000 Confederate flags will go up into the air soon for every one that the government pulls down. Simple rebellion with no true cause. More black folks will feel the sting of discrimination, and more white folks that actually knew their roots will feel like they’re being erased from America’s cultural history. Neither side has won this battle and I just pray it didn’t start a war.

-Jeremy Hobbs


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The Inconvenient Truth

The Inconvenient Truth

“Hands up! Shot in the back” Less than one-quarter of 60 something witnesses involved in the Ferguson investigation gave that account. Even those stories widely varied, and were contradictory to hard physical evidence. Yet we still have people referring to Darren Wilson as a cold blooded murderer.

A violent crime against a police officer occurred, Brown literally broke Wilson’s face. Attempted to steal his gun. Wilson had very legitimate concern for his safety knowing he had a violent criminal charging at him. He responded in a way I imagine a great deal of people would respond, should they be holding a gun. The law is written the way it is for a reason; if officers couldn’t respond with more force than is presented to them, violence against the police would become the norm, as the criminal would always have a ‘fighting chance.’ We do not want our law enforcement system devolving in to a ‘survival of the fittest’ scenario.

Police aren’t equipped with weapons for decoration. It’s a job where you put your life on the line every day. Wilson didn’t start his shift with the idea of hurting anyone. Brown was committing serious crimes before noon. Brown made a ridiculous amount of horrible decisions that led to him being at the wrong end of the barrel. When you participate in reckless criminal activity, that tends to happen.

That’s the inconvenient truth.

I don’t think many of us would argue that racism doesn’t exist in some part around the country in police departments. But you cannot demand that a man who acted within the law be lynched out of some show of symbolism for all crimes against a minority. If this outcry was taking place over an innocent person, you wouldn’t see people like me defending the officer. But Brown was a drugged up, violent young man, making the worst possible decisions at every turn. Brown was playing with fire. He was burned. It is sad; for him, his family, and friends. It is horrible for that community which will be left far worse off after the riots.

Something I hope to see come out of this is body cameras. The technology is available, so I expect it before long. I wonder if it would have made a difference here, at least in the fall out.

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